Wow…it’s April 1st and I totally forgot to blog.  It’s funny cause I thought about it all day yesterday when it was still March.  I promise to do better tomorrow.  That said…it’s spring here.  Well, not really. It’s not officially spring until after Easter but I did go play in the dirt today.

I did a bit of cleaning off of the patio and turned a shelf into a mini greenhouse.  I’ll post a pix at the end of this.  It was really simple. I used a clear plastic drop cloth and duct tape. It’s not the greatest but was inexpensive. I bought a real greenhouse last year from Big Lots and the plastic had ripped in several places by the end of the week so I decided to improvise this year.  Besides, I only need it for about a month.

Here’s the pix I promised.

DIY Greenhouse



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Blogging A – Z

A2Z-BADGE-2015I’d forgotten about this but I always enjoy taking part. I didn’t do so well last year but have decided to give it another try. I won’t be sticking to any certain topic or theme, just whatever strikes me at the moment.

I hope you come back and see what’s happening.  And I hope you enjoy it.

Want to take part? Sign up here.

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Zombie Hearts

This is something I did a while back. Some of you have seen it but since I don’t have anything new for today…I thought I’d repeat it.
Zombie Hearts

Henry stood before the open fridge and gazed from side to side.  Chinese or Mexican, which would Freda prefer?  His left ear fell off, bounced across the linoleum.  “Holy Moldy Oldie!”  He shambled across the kitchen, picked up his ear, and jammed it back in place.  “Mexican, I believe.”  Henry grabbed two ziplock bags and placed them on the counter.  “Now, what to drink?”  He scanned the shelf of bottles, picked one from the end.  “This will be perfect.”  Placed it on the counter next to the bags.  Storage dishes of delicacies  joined the bottle and bags, and soon ended up on the dining table along with his finest china and crystal.

The living room clock chimed seven as Henry lit the candelabra.  He stood back and gave the dining table one last look. Perfect, just perfect.  Mexican, served a la  skull and  aged to its peak, Freda’s favorite salad of fingers and toes with extra spicy salsa ,  liver pate’ served with fried noses for dipping,  and candied lips for dessert.   Henry gazed at his watch, she’d be there any moment.  He patted the nearest head, smoothed down the hair.  Nodding to himself, his left ear dropped off, hit the edge of the table and bounced into the liver pate’.  Henry sighed and fished out his ear.

The doorbell rang announcing Freda’s arrival. He grinned , licked the pate’ off his ear, and jammed it back in place again.  He’d have to call doc in the morning, see about getting it reattached.  Henry hurried to the door and swung it open.  “Freda!  You look wonderful.”  Almost good enough to eat.  Not quite, but almost.  She stepped through the door, handed him the small box she carried.

“I hope you don’t mind.  I know how much you love kidney pie and when I saw they had fresh ones at Jasper’s, I just had to get one for you.”

Henry opened the box, took a deep breath.  His stomach rumbled and Freda laughed.  He leaned in, gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.  Now, come to the table, dinner is ready.”  Freda strolled across the room, Henry following.  He set the pie on the counter and met her at the table.

“It looks delicious!”  Freda smiled up at him as he pulled out her chair.

“I’ve got a special surprise for tonight.”  He uncovered the ice bucket, pulled out the bottle, and popped the cork.  “I think you’ll really like this.” He filled the champagne flute,  held it out to her.

Freda took the flute, swirled its contents, then sniffed.  She took a small sip and grinned.  “AB Negative!  My favorite.”  Freda took another sip.  “It’s perfect.”

“That’s not all.  Open your skull.”  He watched her eyes as she pulled the skull open by the hair,  saw her joyous expression when she gazed upon the  diamond ring nestled between the brain hemispheres.  He knelt on one knee beside her.  “Will you marry me?”

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Donut Thursday

Today is Donut Thursday. At least it is for those of the Lauziers that go to work in the morning. Those of us who stay at home to work don’t get donuts, unless we put in an order and then wait for them to be delivered after work but that doesn’t happen often. Donuts are best fresh, not 12 hours old.



It’s funny how things become a habit.  One morning you stop at a convenience store on the way to work for something to drink, you get donuts too, and next thing you know, you and the donut lady are practically best friends and she saves the best donuts for you on the days she knows you’ll be there.Sometimes she’ll even slip you a bag of donut holes at no charge. She worries if for some reason you don’t make it on Thursday and is relieved to see you on Saturday.

One day, my daughter and I were out running errands and saw the donut lady. While the donut lady had no clue who I was, she and my daughter had a nice chat.

Where am I going with this? I’m not sure…and maybe there isn’t a point. But, while a steady diet of donuts wouldn’t be a good thing, But one or two every so often, isn’t a bad thing.

Ohhhh…I just thought of a point.   As writers we need a steady diet of writing. Just like the occasional donut is fine, a writer can take a day off once in a while but we need to get into the routine of writing. After all, that’s what we do. We also need to read. Not just our genre, but all sorts of stuff, including non-fiction.

Anyway, y’all got any interesting routines to share with us? What about routines with your writing or reading?


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Bucket Lists…

The other evening, I was chatting with a friend I’d just met and the conversation turned to flying.  Seems he is a pilot (small planes not jets) and my dad was a pilot and we talked about planes and flying for a while. I mentioned that one day I want to learn to fly. I love small planes. When I was 10 or 11, we spent a large part of the weekends during the summer hanging out at the airport. Which just happened to be a grass strip and a couple hangers. I have wonderful memories of that time.

But as I thought about things, things I want to do “someday”, I got to thinking and wondering, why should I put those things off? I mean, I’m not getting any younger. If I wait until it’s convenient, which it might never be, I may be too old to enjoy all the things I want to do or accomplish.

And, someday might never come. It’s dangerous out there. Who knows what may happen.

So, what’s on your bucket list?  Bucket List

Here’s my challenge…start doing those things now. If you can’t do them now, figure out what it will take for you to be able to do them and work on that.

Someone once said, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” I actually Googled it and didn’t get a definite answer as to who first said this. But, this quote is so true. We make plans, wait for the perfect time, and wake up one morning and realize our life is mostly over and we’ll never get a chance to fulfill those plans. Don’t let this happen to you.

Make a list, check it twice, then start living it!  And why not share with us in the comments.

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No Longer Diabetic!

Not many of you know but not so long ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic. It’s not something I shared a lot, only with a few close friends and family. I tend to keep such things to myself, especially when I struggle.Today though, I come out of the diabetic closet and share my story with the world.

I was diagnosed early in the year and managed by watching what I ate to get things under control. I took Metformin for a month but really didn’t like the thought of taking a drug to  regulate things so I took a couple natural things and did the food/diet thing.   And it worked. Until the holidays when I got lax in paying attention to what I ate. I mean, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all in a short time.

Then, along came Valentine’s Day and Easter with those Cadbury Creme Eggs. Needless to say, things got out of control. And not just bad, but really bad. I went through several months of denial while my blood sugar climbed so high it wouldn’t even register on my meter. Not good!

After sitting down and having a serious talk with myself, I decided to get serious about getting my blood sugar under control. I even took the Metformin for a month. And it helped a bit. My blood sugar was still in the 250s but that was better than the 500s. Again, I disliked the Metformin so searched for more effective natural alternatives and found a product that helped.

Another month passed and my blood sugar had gotten down to the mid 170 range first thing in the morning. It still was above 150 during the day but again, better than the 250s of the previous month. But still not good enough.

And that’s when I saw an ad on a Facebook group or a fairly new product from a company called TruVision.

TruVision, TruFix

I contacted the person and got a sample of TruFix and TruWeight & Energy. This sample consisted of a 7 1/2 day trial pack of both the TruFix and TruWeight & Energy. I started taking them the next day.

The second morning my blood sugar was 161. The third morning, 130, and it has continued to lower so that now my morning reading is in the 120s. This morning, 122.

Because I was wanting to be sure the product worked, I charted my readings several times during the day. By the end on day 3, my blood sugar level had actually dropped to normal during the day. Between 115 and 90. In fact, I even tested it one day by having a Hershey’s bar then testing two hours later. Guess my blood sugar…107!!!

I’ve been taking TruFix and TruEnergy & Weight for 16 days and my blood sugar is normal! There hasn’t been a single high reading. In fact, the morning readings have been the highest. I’ve also lost some weight, had more energy and feel great. I’m so excited!!!

TruVision has given me my life back. I don’t have to worry about eating something that might sky rocket my blood sugar. I have a friend that ended up in the hospital with high blood sugar and my uncle actually died with complications of diabetes. Toward the end, the doctors wanted to remove part of his leg but his family refused.

I love these two products and believe they can change the lives of others just as they did mine. I believe in them so much, I signed up to be a distributor so I can share them with everyone else.

If you or a friend or family member is having issues with their blood sugar, contact me. I have 1 week trial samples for $25 and will send them to you. You can pay through paypal and get your sample in about a week.  If you are local, I’ll be glad to meet you somewhere and deliver.

Two pills, twice a day…it’s that simple.  It can change your life. It did mine.

Make a choice, take a chance, change your life!     Email me at jeanlauzier @ (Remove the spaces.) or leave a comment here.  You can also find me on Facebook and leave a message there.

TruVision, TruWeight & Energy

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Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour – Author Debbie Manber Kupfer

Today on the blog we have author Debbie Manber Kupfer. I’ve asked her to tell us a little bit about the setting for her book.  Pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy.  And don’t you just love the cover.



I’ve never been inside the Jewel Box (a tropical hothouse in the center of St. Louis’s Forest Park). I’ve tried to go there many times over the years especially when my parents were visiting from Israel, but each time we tried to go inside the place was always closed. I remember my father training his lenses through the glass (he was an avid photographer). It looked beautiful inside with its exotic blooms.

So, when I was deciding where the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest should be hidden, I thought what better location than the Jewel Box. And what better location for some of the more exotic members of P.A.W.S. to hang out. So we find the Egyptian exchange student, Zamir, curled around the branches of a tropical palm and Tessa in her brightly colored toucan form high up in the branches of the tree.

Underneath the Jewel Box are the classroom and living quarters of the residents including the office of the head of the Institute, Jessamyn.  As Jessamyn is the mistress of illusion her office is different every time you enter – it could be a magical forest, a snowy winter scene or a tropical beach. Or more often or not it will resemble a scene from her ancestral home in Ireland. Each time we enter Jessamyn’s office it is an opportunity for me to build a new small world, or sometimes not so small.

In book 3 of P.A.W.S. we will discover a maze of shadows, a whole world beneath our own. One of the entrances to this world is through Jessamyn’s chamber. Every area within the shadow world has its own unique flavor and population. In one, for example, live the Tegs, Stella and her sister Morgana. The new shadow world seems endless. I feel like one could explore it for centuries and still not learn it’s every nook and cranny.

Back in our world, P.A.W.S. is an international organization with branches across the globe. During the course of my series I hope to visit many of them. Already in Argentum (book 2 of the series) we travel with Miri and Danny to the New York P.A.W.S. Institute which is hidden beneath an oak tree in Central Park.

Join Miri and her friends as they journey through P.A.W.S. and continue the journey with Argentum.


Debbie Manber Kupfer grew up in London and lived in Israel, before somehow ended up in St. Louis, where she works as a puzzle constructor and writer. She lives with her husband, two children, and a very opinionated feline. She is the author of P.A.W.S and Argentum and has short stories in several anthologies including Fauxpocalypse, Shades of Fear, Darkly Never After, and Sins of the Past. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything! Connect with Debbie on her blog or Facebook .

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